A / E Assess/Evaluate
A / K Above Knee
A / O Alert and Oriented
A/R Account Receivable
AARP American Association of Retired Persons
ABG Arterial Blood Gas
ABNs Advanced Beneficiary Notice
ABT Aerosol Bronchodilator Therapy
Ac Before Meal
ADL Activities of Daily Livings
AHA American Hospital Association
AM Morning
AMA American Medical Association
Against Medical Advice
American Management Association
AMB Ambulatory
AMI Acute Mocardial Infarction
ARDS Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome
ASAP As Soon As Possible
AX Axillary
B&C Board & Care
BBA Balanced Budget Act
BC/BS Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association
BCC Blue Cross of California
BL Black Lung
BLS Basic Life Support
BMI Body Mass Index
BP Blood Pressure
BR Bed Rest
BRN Board of Registered Nurse
BS Blood Sugar, Breath Sounds
BSC Bedside Commode
CABG Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
CAD Coronary Artery Disease
CAHF California Association of Health Facilities
CAHSAH California Association for Health Services At Home
CAMPS California Association of Medical Product Suppliers
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CHAP Community Health Accreditation Program
CHHA Certified Home Health Aides
CHIA California Health Information Association
CM Case Manager
CMA California Medical Association
CMN Certification of Medical Necessity
CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicade Services
CMSA Case Management Society of America
CP Chest Pain
CRTT Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician
CSR Customer Service Representative
D / C Discharge, Discontinue
DBA Doing Business As
DCN 1) Denial Code Number
2) Document Control Number
DDE Direct Data Entry
DDS Department of Developmental Services
DEFRA Deficit Reduction Act
DHS Department of Health Services
DC Discharge
DI Disability Income
DL Denial Letters
DM Disease Management
DME Durable Medical Equipment
DMEPOS Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic, Orthotic and Supplies
DMERC Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier
DMH Department of Mental Health
DNR Do Not Resuscitation
DOA Dead On Arrival
DOB Date of Birth
DOS Days of Service Outstanding
DOSH Division of Occupational Safety and Health
DOT Department of Transportation
DPAHC Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
DP Discharge Planner
DPO Discharge Planning Option
DRG Diagnosis Related Group
DSS Department of Social Services
DVT Deep Venous Thrombosis
DX Diagnosis
ECG Electrocardiogram
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EIN Employment Identification Number
EKG Electrocardiogram
EMR Electronic Medical Record
EMS Emergency Medical Services, Electrical Muscle Stimulation
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
EOB Explanation of Benefits
EOMB Explanation of Medicare Part B Benefits
ER Emergency Room
ESRD End Stage Renal Disease
ET Enterostomal Therapist
FBS Fasting Blood Sugar
FFS Free For Service
FFY Federal Fiscal Year
FH Family History
FI Fiscal Intermediary
FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act
FTE Full Time Employee
FU Follow-up
FWW Front-wheeled Walker
FX Fracture
FY Fiscal Year
FYE Fiscal Year Ending
GTT Glucose Tolerance
H&P History and Physical
HB Hospital Bed
HCP Health Care Plan
HCPCS Health Care Procedure Coding System
HCPP Health Care Prepayment Plan
HCPS Health Care Procedure Code
HHA Home Health Aide, Home Health Agency
HHN Hand Held Nebulizer
HH/PPS Home Health Prospective Payment System
HHS Health and Human Services
HIAA Health Insurance Association of America
HIC Health Insurance Card
HICN Health Insurance Claim Number
HIDA Health Industry Distributors Association
HIP Home Infusion Pharmacies
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HME Home Medical Equipment
HMO Health Maintenance Organization
HR Human Resource, Heart Rate
HV Home Visit
HX History
H&P History and Physical
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization
LOA Letter of Authorization, Leave Of Absence
LOB Loss of Balance
LOC Level of Consciousness
LOCA Level of Cost Adjustment
LOS Length of Stay
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
LTC Long Term Care
LVN Licensed Vocational Nurse
MB Medicare Beneficiary, Mail Back
MC Managed Care
MCE Medicare Code Editor
MCO Managed Care Organization
MFCU Medicaid Fraud Control Units
MIS Management Information System
MN Medically Needed
MSW Medical Social Worker
MVV Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
N/A Not Applicable
OIG Office Of Inspector General
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OT Occupational therapist
OTC Over the Counter
PA Physician Assistant
PCC 1) Principal Clinical Coordinator
2) Primary Care Clinics
PCP Primary Care Provider
PCPP Primary Care Provider Program
PCU Provider Certification Unit
PDN Private Duty Nursing
PDR Physician Desk Reference
PI Performance and Improvement, Present Illness
PIN Provider Identification Number
PTN Provider Telecommunication Network
PMH Past Medical History
POC Plan of Care
POE Proof of Eligibility
POP Point Of Presence
POS Point Of Service
POT Plan of Treatment
PPO Preferred Provider Organization
PPS Prospective Payment System
PRM Provider Reimbursement Manual
PSO 1) Provider Sponsored Organization
2) Patient Safety Organizations
PS & R Provider Statistical and Reimbursement Report
PSC Provider Support Center
PT Physical Therapist
PTA Physical Therapy Assistant, Prior To Admission
PTE Part Time Employee
PTN Provider Telecommunication Network
PTO Paid Time Off
PVT Private
PWB Partial Weight Bearing
QA Quality Assurance
QCHF Quality Care Health Foundation
QI Quality Improvement
QM Quality Management
RAD Respiratory Assist Devices
RAF Referral Authorization Form
RECERT Re-certification
RFB Request For Bid
RMA Return Material Authorization
RN Registered Nurse
RO Regional Office
ROE Report of Eligibility
RRT Registered Respiratory Therapist
RX Treatment or Prescription
S/LOC Status Location Code
SA 1) Skilled Assessment
2) Survey Agencies
SCHIP State Children's Health Insurance Program
SN Skilled Nurse
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SOT Start Of Treatment
SOW Scope Of Work
SPBU Small Provider Billing Unit
SS Social Security
SSA 1) Social Security Administration
2) Social Security Act
SSD Social Security Disability
SSI Social Security Income, Supplemental Security Income
STARK Physician Self-Referral Law
UPIN Universal Physician Identification Number
UPN Universal Product Number
UR Utilization Review
W/C Wheelchair
WA Working Aged
WBC White Blood Count
WC Workers Compensation